Carefully curated

We have selected designers from all over Latin America, with innovative and original designs that respond to the global fashion market, and who are here to give you an exclusive insight into centuries of craftsmanship and artisanal techniques.

Andesina values working with designers who are conscious of their surroundings, who are dedicated to a timeless vision.

Each brand place integrity on their manufacturing; their products are handmade, utilizing production processes that empower and preserve the communities and traditional techniques that reflect Latin American’s history.


Alejandra De Coss

Alejandra De Coss - Alejandra De Coss is a contemporary designer brand based in the heart of Mexico City; their designs stem from a search to create a new definition of luxury, a search that includes applying artisanal techniques as well as new technologies, paying particular attention to the details. They work with independent traditional jewellers, with no mass production and a socially responsible set up; they know everyone involved in their production chain. Alejandra De Coss likes to tell a story in each product, making pieces that start a conversation. They believe that when a product has its DNA well defined, it resonates from the moment you see it.



Ayni - Ayni was created out of a common love for high quality products, nature’s finest materials and strong social, economic and environmental engagement. The products are created in Peru using only the most exclusive Peruvian materials such as the luxurious baby alpaca and the famous pima cotton. Ayni brings together Danish design, minimalism, sophistication and conscious lifestyle and consumption model - combined with Peruvian ancient handcraft traditions.


Beck Jewels

Beck Jewels - Inspired by the vibrant lifestyle of the Dutch Caribbean and deeply influenced by the cultural melting pot that is New York City, Beck Jewels is a testament to free-spirited elegance. The duality between island life and city living is at the heart of Beck. Designer Rebecca Zeijdel-Paz combines unique artistic elements from her upbringing on the idyllic Caribbean island of Curaçao with the cultural influences of her city home. Committed to sourcing gemstones for their healing and transformative properties, each piece tells a unique story shaped by her travels and love of art, color, history and culture.


Juan De Dios

Juan De Dios - This swimwear brand is inspired by the magical Colombian Pacific landscape, a place where the jungle meets the ocean and transports us to an earthly paradise. Juan De Dios is actually a virgin beach with golden sand in the Pacific bay of Malaga. Juan De Dios creates bathing suits that highlight women’s effortless beauty and femininity, allowing them to enchant the world with their inner light and unique chic style.


Mola Sasa

Mola Sasa - This Colombian brand creates unique handcrafted pieces that inject the perfect amount of freshness and sophistication to the wardrobe of the contemporary woman. Mola Sasa is synonymous of an effortlessly chic individuality that speaks for itself. Seeking to close the gap between the origins and the present moment, Mola Sasa collaborates directly with various indigenous communities of Latin America to translate their traditional art forms and crafts into unparalleled accessory collections.


No Pise La Grama

No Pise La Grama - No Pise La Grama is a fashion brand whose values are dedication, quality and innovation. These characteristics have earned the label wide acclaim and made it a favorite brand among fashion-forward women interested in owning garments rich in creativity and femininity. No Pise La Grama started in 2008 as a small fashion atelier under the direction of founder, Daniela Panaro, and rapidly became known for its clean cuts and original, exclusive designs. No Pise La Grama is inspired by a green philosophy, which is developed through a genuine social commitment; the label supports different foundations and focuses sharing values with its working team.



PaolaQ - The exquisite jewelry of this Barcelona-based Colombian designer is a result of her admiration for ancient jewelry making techniques. True to her own roots, Paola Quintana prints in her designs the taste and colors of Colombia, elaborating each piece by hand. She merges creativity and design to create timeless treasure.


Recreo San Miguel

Recreo San Miguel - Weaving history and modernity, simplicity and elegance, Recreo San Miguel was originally inspired by the timeless versatility and roomy lines of the the iconic Latin American serape. Since then, the brand's range of styles has grown, while staying true to the spirit that inspired Recreo’s founders in those early days. Each garment is thoughtfully designed in New York City and handmade by skilled artisans in San Miguel, Mexico. The brand practices responsible production, from concept to creation.


Soraya Hennessy

Soraya Hennessy - Soraya Hennessy is a lifestyle and accessories brand that shares the beautiful and sophisticated designs of the Wayuu artisan women of Venezuela & Colombia. Finding inspiration from their travels, the mother-daughter duo: Soraya Pena Hennessy and Soraya Salas are the women behind the brand. Together, they offer a modern twist to the traditional handmade Wayuu designs.



Verdelimon - Flirty, fun, and adventure-friendly, VerdeLimon offers sophisticated swimwear for contemporary women. Designed in Colombia using sustainable sourcing and ethical production, VerdeLimon’s tribute to women is reflected in the aura of the brand’s designs. Inspiration is drawn from flora, fauna, animals, and landscapes of the world, resulting in perfectly whimsical and cheeky swimwear. VerdeLimon’s swimwear embraces femininity and inspires romantic dreams for your next getaway.



Waimari - A high-end line of destination-wear for fashion conscious travelers that offers the perfect wardrobe to vacation. Waimari started in 2015 and their pieces are fully handmade in Colombia. The brand has redefined beach chic with laid back pieces that allow travelers to go from beach to bar. Waimari seeks to empower not only the women that wear their pieces, but also the women that create them.