Our Story

A traveling curation of designers, bringing emerging and established talent with a new take on luxury; Calling attention to high quality products and sustainability through the longer time frames it takes to make them and the use of materials.

Heritage is at the forefront of the collections, enriching each product and purchase with the use of ancestral techniques executed into directional, contemporary concepts and designs. Andesina brings to the forefront brands who work closely with their communities, to improve living conditions and family based companies tied to mythologies and ancestral techniques; ethics, nature, freedom and diversity play a huge role in bringing together designers for Andesina.


The founder

Joy Hasselmark - The creator of Andesina, is of Peruvian and Swedish descent and was raised in Paris. Multiculturalism is therefore a part of her personality, along with a lifelong passion for fashion and design.

Her professional experience and education helped her finesse her unique point of view towards sourcing some of the most artisanal, creative designers from diverse parts of the world and Latin America in particular. It is from this point of view that Andesina was born.

After a business master’s degree and a specialization in fashion at Istituto Marangoni, Joy worked in the press team at Parfum Christian Dior and managed wholesale accounts at Theory and Helmut Lang in London.

Realizing her passion for buying, she started working at Liberty of London, before moving to MatchesFashion.com, the UK's leading luxury e-commerce retailer, as part of their buying and merchandising teams.

After living in London for seven years, Joy returned to Paris to work at Isabel Marant, where she led its North American wholesale network. This was an exciting time for her career as the brand underwent tremendous growth, and was becoming one of the most ground-breaking brands in the industry.

In 2017, Joy felt it was time to create and launch Andesina: a love of Latin American craftsmanship combined with her truly international buying background. A way to present her point of view to the global luxury customer of the future.


Our commitment

Andesina works not only as a platform to beguile luxury customers into new fashion lines but to generate a conversation and education with an unyielding approach to explore the cultures and history that go into making the selected pieces. A Socially responsible platform with an aim to develop and nurture the many industries and economies it touches on. Here are some of Andesina’s core values and motives:

The ancestrals technics - An Ode to past movements and techniques, patterns and symbols are taken from the spiritual wisdom of ancestors. Local artists are both inspiring and implemental in the collections with their cultural references and innate knowledge of cultural craft, retrieving inspiration as far back as the Mayans delivering handbags directly from Mayan weavers.

The designs in fashion, jewellery and home-wear are developed into sustainable luxury brands that are focused on conserving heritage with the use of modern twists and designs to reach a larger audience worldwide.

Local communities - Andesina is driven by the notion of empowering communities by teaching the various crafts handed down from generation to generation; be it working with local tribes of the Guajira desert or strengthening societies by working with a cooperative of women to help improve living conditions and give them a place in the economy. Andesina channels an industry through teams of hand-picked companies that bring intimacy and an exclusive approach to the Andesina experience.

The fabrics & materials - Some of nature’s finest materials are on display at Andesina with the contribution of natural elements playing a huge role in the designers’ creations, such as the use of wood and tropical landscapes inspiring the colour palettes. A selection of natural fibres, wool and materials dance around the collections and revive the ancestral shearing techniques seen with the Alpaca, Vicuna and Fine Pima cotton.

Handmade - The curated collections have been created by hand, manifesting the human touch behind each piece. Manually combining fabrics to create richer textures and feels to the pieces. Folk art inspires and the use of ancient handcraft techniques that have been mastered through working with local tribes are displayed at Andesina.

We are here to not over-look but to learn from the spiritual wisdom that comes from mastering an 40-hour period to make one standalone piece.

Slow fashion - A new form of luxury resonating to how luxury originated through time and love and with appreciation to craft and technique. All these elements contribute to transmitting the primary message of Andesina.
Nothing is created to be forgotten over trends and fashions fast paced timelines but rather be treasured and celebrated in the timeless capsule where it belongs.